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Contract with Dudek to Provide Professional Services to Update the City’s Local Coastal Plan


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Recommended Action

Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council:

1. Award RFP#48 to Dudek, a California–based company, to assist in updating the City’s Local Coastal Plan;

2. Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a professional service agreement with Dudek, in an amount not to exceed $124,000 (including a $12,000 contingency) for three years;

3. Authorize the Director of Planning & Community Development to issue any necessary changes to complete additional work within contract authority.

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Executive Summary

The City’s current Local Coastal Land Use Plan, which defines policies for coastal access and development that protect the City’s Coastal Zone, was adopted in 1992.  An Implementation Plan (Coastal Zoning Ordinance), required to complete the Local Coastal Plan, was never certified by the State’s Coastal Commission.  To achieve certification and become consistent with the City’s current land use policies, the Local Coastal Plan must be updated to reflect the 2010 Land Use and Circulation Plan (LUCE), Civic Center Specific Plan and the Downtown Specific Plan, including a targeted action plan to increase beach access for alternative travel modes.  Updates to reflect current understanding of the impacts of changing climate conditions and potential sea level rise are also needed. Once completed, the LCP will be presented to the City Council for adoption and then to the California Coastal Commission for certification, which will transfer coastal permitting authority over to the City.


The consultant’s role on the project team is to provide expertise in coastal environmental analysis, guide the project to address and respond to the policies of the California Coastal Commission, and draft regulatory controls in an Implementation Plan to reflect new City policies as they pertain to the Coastal Zone. Dudek was selected through a competitive Request for Proposals process. Dudek demonstrated the most comprehensive understanding of the project goals and tasks and the team as assembled has the necessary experience to advise City staff, work with Coastal Commission staff and comply with its regulations to produce an LCP that is consistent with City policy and can be certified. The proposed contract is funded through a Local Coastal Program Planning Grant that the California Coastal Commission awarded to the City in November 2014. 


The contract, including a $12,000 contingency, is for a total of $124,000.  Dudek, along with its sub-consultants, Revell Engineering, Lisa Wise Consulting, and the Law Office of Alan Seltzer, will work with City staff on the project through completion.  The draft plan will be presented to the City Council for adoption and then to the California Coastal Commission for certification.



On June 24, 2014 Council approved a resolution authorizing staff to submit a grant application to the California Coastal Commission to fund development of a Local Coastal Plan update.  The City was awarded a Local Coastal Program Planning Grant in the amount of $225,000 on November 12, 2014.  The grant includes funding for a limited term assistant planner, who was hired in September, and for consultant services.


The City’s Local Coastal Plan has never been certified, although the Council’s adopted Land Use Plan (1992) has served as the policy guideline for coastal development for the past 23 years. As a result of State and local policy developments, changes in the coastal zone over the past 23 years, multi-modal transportation improvements and concerns about climate change impacts and sea level rise, the update and adoption of this policy document has become a priority for both the City and the California Coastal Commission.


To complete this project in the most efficient manner, the grant scope of work was crafted to create a team composed of consultants and City staff.  The California Coastal Commission has designated a staff liaison to ensure that the Santa Monica team is guided to avoid any conflicts during the certification process. The Office of Sustainability and the Environment (OSE) is working with USC Sea Grant on a study, also funded by the California Coastal Commission, to develop scenarios related to anticipated sea level rise. OSE, Planning staff, and the consultants will work in close communication to utilize the results of the sea level rise study to develop policies for the Local Coastal Plan update. 



Consultant Selection

On August 28, 2015, the City published a Notice Inviting Bids for a consultant to provide assistance in the development of the City’s Local Coastal Land Use Plan as required by the Strategic and Transportation Planning Division of the Planning & Community Development Department responsible for the Local Coastal Plan project in accordance with the City’s scope of work. The bid was posted on the City’s on-line bidding site, and notices were emailed to a list of 13 known consultant firms that provide such services and advertised in the Santa Monica Daily Press in accordance with City Charter and Municipal Code provisions. 948 vendors were notified of the RFP posting and 78 vendors downloaded the RFP.  On September 18, 2015, four firms, all based in Southern California, submitted proposals: AMEC, RR&M, Dudek and MR&E.

The selection committee was composed of three staff members from the Strategic and Transportation Planning Division and two staff members from the Office of Sustainability and the Environment Division. Bids were evaluated based on the criteria in SMMC 2.24.072, including price/value, previous experience, capacity and skill, ability to deliver and provide future maintenance or service, and compliance with City scope of work. Based on these criteria, Dudek is recommended as the preferred bidder for the Local Coastal Plan project in accordance with City scope of work.

Dudek’s team includes highly-experienced professionals who have developed coastal plans, coastal policy documents and complex projects that were certified by the Coastal Commission involving significant coordination between jurisdictions and cooperation with the Commission.  The team also includes a sub-consultant (Revell) that is directly involved with the USC Sea Grant study on sea level rise along the Santa Monica and adjacent coastline.  An additional $20,000 scope ($18,000 plus $2,000 contingency) has been included in the recommended contract scope in order to add the specialized services of Alan Seltzer for coastal code development and consistency with the City’s specific legal context. Mr. Seltzer was included in another bidder’s team and Dudek added his scope at staff’s request.  Funding for the additional scope is available in professional services accounts of the Office of Sustainability & the Environment and Strategic & Transportation Planning. The agreement, totaling $124,000, includes a $12,000 contingency to be used for unforeseen expenses as the project develops.


Contract Scope

Based on Dudek’s proposal, the scope of work to be included in the contract will include the following tasks:

·         Data Gathering, research and analysis of key issue areas;

·         Guidance and participation in the community outreach process;

·         Policy Proposal Development including analysis of emerging sea-level rise data;

·         Development of an Implementation Plan, to include policies, strategies, and coastal zoning;

The expertise of the team will ensure that the project is closely monitored to understand and resolve any potential conflicts with the Coastal Act and that the project adheres to recent guidelines that have been issued by the California Coastal Commission.


Financial Impacts and Budget Actions

The agreement to be awarded to Dudek is for an amount not to exceed $124,000. Funds in the amount of $111,000 are included in the FY 2015-16 budget in the Planning & Community Development Department and the City Manager’s Office. The agreement will be charged to the following accounts:

20267.570350 – Local Coastal Program Grant              $104,000

01267.555061 – Prof. Services – LUCE Monitoring              $    3,500

01226.555060.99435-W – Professional Services              $ $3,500

TOTAL              $111,000


Future year funding is contingent on Council budget approval.

Meeting History

Oct 27, 2015 5:30 PM  City Council Regular and Special Joint Meeting
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