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Award Construction Contract for Bike Network Linkages to Exposition Light Rail Project


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Recommended Action

Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council:

1.     Award Bid #SP2390 to Elecnor Belco Electric Inc., a California-based company, to provide construction services for the Bike Network Linkages to Exposition Light Rail Project;

2.     Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a contract with Elecnor Belco Electric Inc. in an amount not to exceed $5,214,148, including a 5 percent contingency;

3.     Authorize the Director of Finance to allocate up to $2 million in additional local match from FY 2017-2018 savings to be repaid from future funding sources, and approve changes outlined in the Financial Impacts and Budget Action section of the report;

4.     Authorize the Director of Public Works to issue any necessary change orders to complete additional work within contract authority.


Staff Report Body


The Bike Network Linkages to Exposition Light Rail Project (Project) consists of installing green lane markings, video detection at traffic signals, and bike racks at numerous locations in the City. Advancing the City’s Land Use and Circulation Element and Bike Action Plan goals of making cycling safer, more convenient and appealing to people of all ages and abilities, and linking the City’s bike network with the Metro light rail would expand the City’s system of high-visibility facilities for use by bicycles and scooters to help reduce drive-alone automobile trips in Santa Monica. This project would improve safety through enhanced visibility, and provide 1,250 bike racks, ensuring cyclists would have secure end-of-trip parking facilities in many more locations. Staff recommends Elecnor Belco Electric, Inc. to provide construction services for the Project.



The City currently has about 5.3 miles of existing green lane markings, consisting of a combination of applications that are either: (1) the full width and length of the bike path or (2) the conflict zones only, at the start and end of street and alley intersections.  The Project would install an additional 19 miles of green lane markings, 39 video detection cameras on existing traffic signal poles at various intersections, and 1,250 bike racks at various locations in the City.

The Project would support City planning and mobility goals while a significant portion of the cost would be paid by grant funds. The Project would be funded by a 2009 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Call for Projects grant, which consists of funds from the Federal Highway Administration’s Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program in the amount of $2,057,488. The City is contributing matching funds, as required by the federal agreement, in the amount of $1,371,659.

Green lane markings installed on Main Street and Broadway have effectively increased the visibility of lanes for bikes and scooters that help motorists be more aware of other roadway users.  These types of roadway treatments increase motorist yielding behavior and help to reduce conflicts with turning vehicles. Additionally, upgrading intersections with video detection cameras would allow cyclists and scooter riders to trigger a green light without the presence of an automobile. 


Public Outreach

This project advances the mode shift and Vision Zero components of the Mobility Strategic Goal by further implementing the Bike Action Plan, which was developed with extensive community outreach over the course of several community meetings. Additional ongoing outreach by the GoSaMo Transportation Management Organization (TMO) has promoted cycling as a convenient mobility option, while other programs, such as the monthly Mayor’s Ride and Safe Routes to School, have promoted cycling and educated the public about safe cycling behaviors.  Public outreach would include notifications distributed to adjacent properties and the surrounding community on the scope of the project, potential impacts, and project schedule with periodic updates.


Vendor Selection

Bid Data

Bid Posting Date

Bid Posted On

Bid Advertised In (City Charter & Municipal Code)

# of Vendors Downloaded

# of Submittals Received

Date Publicly Opened


City's Online Bidding Site

Santa Monica Daily Press




















Submittals Received


Vendor Selection Recommendation

Elecnor Belco Electric, Inc.



Municipal Code

SMMC 2.24.072

PTM General Engineering Services, Inc.



Evaluation Criteria

Price, previous experience, ability to deliver, quality of product, compliance with City specifications, references.

Comet Electric, Inc.



Best and lowest bidder

Elecnor Belco Electric, Inc.

















Best Bidder Justification

Elecnor Belco Electric, Inc. was selected based on their bid price, references, demonstrated quality of work on past projects, and experience with similar projects in the cities of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Irvine, Santa Ana, and Caltrans.


Bids came in significantly higher than the budget estimate because of a new marking product specified for the project that recently came on the market.  The product is more durable and requires fewer coat applications, reducing the construction timeline and ongoing maintenance needs.  Due to the recent introduction of the product, historical unit prices were not readily available; staff worked with vendors, and assumed labor rates and markups to prepare the budget estimate.

The bids were based on full green lane markings for all corridors.  Staff recommends allocating up to $2 million from unallocated General Fund FY 2017-18 savings to fund the additional work not covered by the grant and required local match which will be repaid from future funding sources.  A significant source of anticipated funds to be used for repayment is a new shared mobility use of the public right-of-way (PROW) fee, which will be presented to Council for consideration on August 28, 2018.  If adopted by Council, this fee is expected to generate approximately $1.1 million annually

An alternative approach would be to value engineer the project scope to fit within the existing grant and local match funding by awarding the project with full green lane markings only on key corridors including Main Street, 2nd Street, and Broadway, and with more limited green lane markings in conflict zones on the remainder of the corridors. The alternative approach would upgrade additional corridors to full green lane markings only if funding is available from remaining project contingency at the end of the projectThis report recommends the full green lane markings, however, either option would allow the project to move forward promptly with the current lowest, responsive bidder and would advance the implementation of infrastructure that would complement the Shared Mobility Device Pilot Program launching in September.

A Request for Proposal for construction management services is in the process of being advertised and staff would return to the City Council in late August to award a construction management (CM) contract for the Project.  This CM contract would be funded with the balance of the project budget.

Past Council Actions

October 23, 2012 (Attachment A)

Adopted resolution authorizing the City Manager to administer and implement Metro 2009 Call for Projects grants


Financial Impacts and Budget Actions

Staff seeks authority to award a contract with Elecnor Belco Electric, Inc. Award of the contract requires the appropriation of $2 million to account C0105120.689000.  The difference between the total project cost ($5.4 million) and funding from the grant and the required local match ($3.4 million) of up to $2 million will be allocated from FY 2017-18 General Fund savings.  This allocation will be repaid from future funding sources including a new shared mobility use of the public right-of-way (PROW) fee, which will be presented to Council for consideration on August 28, 2018.  If adopted by Council, this fee is expected to generate approximately $1.1 million annually.  Any necessary revenue budget changes will be authorized at the time Council considers the new fee.

The contract will be encumbered to the following accounts.

Contract Request

FY 2018-19 Budget CIP Account #

Total Contract Amount

C2005120.689000 (Grant Funds)


C0105120.689000 (General Fund)


C2705120.689000 (Local Return)





The remaining balance (approximately $0.2 million) of the total project budget of approximately $5.4 million will be used for construction management (CM).


Meeting History

Jul 24, 2018 5:30 PM  City Council Regular Meeting
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