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Agreement with ELB US, Inc. for the purchase of audio-visual equipment, including system design/implementation and support services.


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Recommended Action

Recommended Action
Staff recommends that the City Council: 

1.              Award RFP #198 to ELB US, Inc., a California-based company for the purchase of audio-visual equipment, system design and implementation, and support services for the Public Works Department; 

2.              Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute an agreement with ELB US, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $495,855 (including $373,843 for equipment and installation services, $85,716 for five years of support, and a 10% contingency of $36,296) with future year funding contingent on Council budget approval.

Staff Report Body


The soon to be completed City Services Building (CSB) is designed to provide a modern workplace that better serves our residents and workforce.  It includes 39 breakout spaces, all with wi-fi access to enable mobile technology. Many of these meeting spaces will function as collaborative areas for teams, private spaces for meetings, and hubs for online collaboration and training.  To provide maximum efficiency, the meeting rooms must be equipped with reliable technology to centralize room scheduling, enable audio and video conferencing, and enable presentation of content and data from a variety of devices.  To properly equip these spaces, staff recommends engaging with ELB US, Inc. (ELB), an audio-visual integrator for system design, acquisition of equipment, installation, and support services for all meeting room technologies in the CSB.


To create a more cohesive City Hall campus that better serves the public, the City is expanding and modernizing its Civic Center campus by constructing a City Services Building immediately adjacent to City Hall. The Santa Monica Sustainable City Plan was taken into consideration by the architects in developing the layout of this building.  The CSB is utilizing an Alternate Work Place (AWP) design, incorporating the City's Total Workplace concepts such as an open, flexible workplace along with both sustainable and green building principles.

As part of designing a collaborative, modern workspace, the building features no private officers.  In their place, the CSB will offer 23 conference/meeting rooms for use by all staff, maximizing the use of these collaboration spaces.  Staff will use these rooms for functions that would traditionally take place in an office (e.g., employee evaluations) and for conference room activities (e.g., meetings and audio/video conferences).  The technology required to manage and support the 23 new meeting rooms must be reliable and consistent across the campus to ensure interoperability and ease of functionality. Engaging with an audio-visual integrator, such as ELB, for audio-visual system design and integration will ensure that the system is appropriately scoped and installed.

Vendor Selection

Bidder Recommendation

Best Qualified Firm

ELB US, Inc.

Evaluation Criteria

Experience, cost of services, references, value added-breadth of service, and proposal presentation/demonstration of under the project goals.

Municipal Code

SMMC 2.24.190


RFPs Received

JEC Integration Systems

Key Code Media

Golden Star Technology


Audio Visual Design Group






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City's Online Bidding Site

Santa Monica Daily Press




Justification to Award

Responses to the RFP were reviewed by a selection panel of staff from the Information Services Department, City Manager’s Office, and Public Works Department. Staff then shortlisted and interviewed three firms.  Based on the evaluation criteria listed above and criteria in SMMC 2.24.190, staff recommends ELB US Inc. as the best qualified firm for the purchase of audio-visual equipment, audio-visual system design and implementation, and support services.  ELB’s proposal provides the most significant value for the cost; they provide unlimited remote monitoring and unlimited preventative maintenance.  Their proposal includes a room scheduling suite as part of their base cost.  ELB’s prior projects demonstrated their experience in providing system design, installation, and support services for a variety of audio-video installations and projects. Furthermore, ELB has extensive experience in delivering similar systems and services to large companies including Microsoft, Facebook, Google and other public sector agencies such as the Los Angeles Unified School District, Stanford University, and the University of California San Francisco.  ELB references validated their exceptional customer service, focus on customer satisfaction, and their commitment to implement systems that meet and exceed customers expectations


Financial Impacts and Budget Actions

Staff seeks authority to approve funding from the General Fund to award a contract with ELB for the purchase of audio-visual equipment, system design, implementation, and maintenance services.  This is an anticipated and budgeted cost for the City Services Building.


Contract Request


Request Amount

FY 2019-20 Budget

CIP Account #

Total Contract Amount





Future year funding is contingent on Council budget approval.


Meeting History

Sep 10, 2019 5:30 PM  City Council Regular Meeting
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