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Authorization to Donate two Retired 1994 Pierce Fire Engines and various associated firefighting tools and equipment to the City's Sister City


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Recommended Action

Recommended Action
Staff recommends that the City Council:

1.     Authorize staff to donate two 1994 Pierce fire engines and one 2004 Chevrolet Suburban 4X4 Battalion Chief command vehicle to our City’s sister city, Mazatlán, Mexico, and

2.     Authorize staff to also include various retired firefighting tools and equipment that may be associated with equipping the fire engine.

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Last May, the Santa Monica Fire Department (SMFD) placed into service four 2019 KME Type I 1500 gallon per minute pumpers. With the addition of these four pumpers as replacements, four 1994 Pierce fire engines were retired from reserve status and placed out of service. Two pumpers will remain with our department and will be reassigned to training engines. This will enable the Fire Department to use these engines for recruit classes and other scenario-based training incidents rather than place additional wear and tear on our newer apparatus.


Section 2.24.040 of the Santa Monica Municipal Code provides Council the ability to sell by bid, auction, negotiated sale, donation, trade-in or exchange, surplus, obsolete, or unused supplies, materials or equipment.  Given the limited monetary value of 26 year-old fire apparatus, the Fire Department is seeking Council’s approval to donate these vehicles to the City of Santa Monica’s sister city, Mazatlán, Mexico.  The Fire Department recently upgraded a 2004 Battalion Chief Command Chevrolet Suburban due to its age and would also like to donate this vehicle.  The Mazatlán Fire Department plans to open a new fire station contingent upon the donation of the apparatus. Santa Monica Fire Department has been in contact with representatives of the Mazatlán Fire Department and has confirmed that the apparatus, command vehicle, and equipment donated would meet their needs.


Listed are the three Fire Apparatus/Vehicles requested to donate to Mazatlán.

1.     Engine 13

a.     Shop # 15093

b.     License Plate # E330083

c.      Vin #FP1CA02GIRA000543

2.     Engine 11

a.     Shop # 15091

b.     License Plate # E330081

c.      Vin # 4P1CA02G8RA000525

3.     Command Vehicle

a.     Shop # 15891

b.     License Plate # 1172646

c.      Vin # 3GNGK26U84G293430


In addition to the two fire engine apparatus and command vehicle, the Fire Department would like to also include various firefighting equipment and tools. All equipment has exceeded its useful life under National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.  If the apparatus and vehicle are not sent to Mazatlán, they would be sent to auction with very little monetary value due to their age.  All donation expenses will be the responsibility of the City of Mazatlán. 


The City of Mazatlán’s Fire representative is:

Lic. Luis Enrique Rodriguez

Patronato de Administracion del Cuerpo Voluntario de Bomberos de Mazatlan, A.C


Mazatlán Fire Address

Av. Gabriel Leyva No.1935 Col.

Montuosa C.P. 82030

Mazatlán, Sinaloa Mexico



Fire apparatus is a large procurement and budget item for any fire department and Santa Monica Fire is no exception. A quality replacement plan and a quality maintenance program must be adhered to in order to maximize the life expectancy of fire apparatus. Currently SMFD has adopted a standard life expectancy for our front-line fire apparatus of ten years. Once the fire apparatus reaches the 10-year life mark, it is then placed into reserve status for the next ten years.


With the increasing call volume of the SMFD, a 10-year life expectancy and 10-year reserve life expectancy has served our citizens and members well. Although the current 1994 Pierce Fire Apparatus are well over the 20-year life expectancy, they may serve the citizens of Mazatlán Mexico well if they continue established standards for repair and maintenance.


In October 2019, Mazatlán Fire Department Administrator Luis Enrique traveled to Santa Monica to physically view the Fire Apparatus and to communicate their plan in case the donation was to be approved by Council.  Once the approval process is complete, members of the Mazatlán Fire Department will take the Fire Apparatus into their possession and make the necessary travel accommodations for the trip back to Mexico. In addition, they will make the appropriate customs arrangements as they make the journey into Mexico at their own expense.


Financial Impacts and Budget Actions

There is no significant budget/financial impact.